I know. You are looking at the post below and you are wondering where trhe defiance in me came from. I don’t know. You are reading the anger and you are wondering if you had read me ok before. Am I truly that benign and having a momentary fit of defiance? Or am I a psychopath that will soon come for you and gut you like a chicken amidst several other people.

There’s only one way of finding out. Meanwhile, be very afraid.


Why should I apologise/ am i I not a soul like you?/ do I not like you cough in the midst of the dust thrown up by passing trucks and do my tears not stream from my blood shot eyes every time the carbon infested smoke invades my lungs? / Do I not like you scream at the onslaught of pain and do I not crave for the same things like rain? /

Why should I apologise/ have I not served you well? / have I not bent over so you could screw me over again and again/ have I not bent my rules to allow you to trample upon my soul to the extent that it is almost dead that I cannot breath that I cannot fight that I am lame that I am crippled that I am insane? Have I not let you believe by the look in my eytes and the disposition of my shoulders that I am benign?

So why should I apologise/ was the time not to come?/ do I not like you get tired and fed up my the many machinations and manipulations under guise of the alleged system/ that system that like you I have bent over for it to screw me again and again and again/ that system that has spewed from its bowels enough bullshit to make me cough like the passing trucks and to bring out my tears when its acrid smell invades my dying lungs my dying lungs that are dying from the trampling of my soul by the system the system that is screwing me over again and again and again

And why should I apologise/ did you not expect that I would?/ did you not sense that finally, eventually I would tire of your crap and stand up straight to allow your bullshit to fall off and that I would turn my face and look into your eyes/ did you not suspect that one of this days the look in my eyes would send shivers down your spine rendering you impotent and useless before my increasing strength reducing you to a quivering shimmering stammering pile of the bullshit that you spew? / did you not expect that finally eventually I would lift my hand up high and with the power of a dozen bull cranes or a few thousand horses or your gas guzzling hummer I would deliver the sucker punch that would cause your soul to tremble, your lungs to constrict and your tear glands to over flow and your voice to whimper and you to die

Why should I apologise for killing you? Why should I apologise for exterminating a rodent like you?

My lawyer, Njeri Mucheru Oyatta, recently started blogging – this month, as it happens and she has written some riveting mind boggling chapters that make you think. Its a refreshing well thought out read… Welcome Njeri.

PS. She isn’t just a great writer, she’s a pretty sharp lawyer too…

President Mwai Kibaki this Sunday officially announced his candidature in the upcoming general elections in characteristic style – matter of fact, simple announcement that he is running and that he is running in the new consensus based vehicle, Party of National Unity.

The announcement was to start at three and ten minutes before three, the president arrived at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in a black Mercedes limousine, with private license plates, the significance of which was appropriate. He should not attend private matters – such as the candidature of the next presidency, with the officialdom of the current presidency.

For some time, the president and his team disappeared into an ante-room at the refurbished plenary hall, where the team was arranged in order to be paraded. At 3.10 or thereabouts, the president walked to the plenary hall, with Moody Awori and Musikari Kombo at his right and left respectively, and the rest of the team, which included incidentally KANU Chairman, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The president then went straight to the podium where in a short speech – barely 800 words, I surmise – he announced that in the spirit of the pursuit of unity, he would run for the next general elections under the ticket of the newly founded Party of National Unity, which he said, comprised of several parties that were thinking alike – KANU, Ford Kenya, Ford People, Shirikisho, Narc Kenya and others. He listed them in that order.
Once he had finished the speech that was interrupted many times by hearty applause and shouts of “Kibaki tena,” a number of the leaders in his team – the significant ones that is, were allowed to say “one or two words.”
In order, Ford People’s Simeon Nyachae, Kanu’s Uhuru Kenyatta, Ford Kenya’s Musikari Kombo, Shirikisho’s Shakombo and Narc Kenya’s Raphael Tuju, stood to reaffirm openly that their parties had agreed to support Kibaki for the next presidency. Minister for Agriculture, Kipruto arap Kirwa also spoke in this line-up, ostensibly to represent the Rift Valley people (regional balancing).

By Four Fifteen, the event rounded up to a close.

And with that, Kibaki has strategically placed himself in the position of winner. It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of Kenyans want him to come back to “finish the job”. It is also no secret that at this point, none of the other candidates has strategically positioned himself (invariably they are all men now), to get the support of all Kenyans, in Kibaki’s stead.

The main problem that was hampering Kibaki all through was the style of elections traditionally held previously. Before, the president was the head of a party or coalition and everyone that followed that coalition had to be issued a ticket – by the party or coalition, certainly not their party of choice, which was swallowed in the process.
What Kibaki and his strategists did, is that they ensured that he is the only individual candidate to run under the coalition vehicle, PNU, and everyone else was free to run under the auspices of their own party. This means that people will vote KANU, ODM, Ford Kenya etc and still vote for the president.

Essentially, this means that the 10th parliament will be an interesting one, to be sure. While Kibaki will have the presidency again, parliament will be a much more independent thinking one, than all nine preceding it, because even while the parties support the president, they are doing so on the understanding that he will represent their interest in the implementation of his duty – such as in Shirikisho’s case, Majimbo (Devolution of government resources).

For the first time, in Kenya’s four and a half decade history, the sitting president will have little control of parliament and he will have to work hard to retain its (parliament’s) support of his initiatives. To take credit for this and to ensure that we shall live in interesting times over the next five year term, I suppose, we have the president and the next leader of the official opposition, The Hon. Raila “Agwambo” Odinga, MP.

You heard it here, first. I’m so excited.

My friend, anonymous new person out there. Do not be afraid of coming over and making poetry with me. Because rhyme and music and rhythm and smiles and silence and movement and stillness makes me breathe and twirl. The band has started to play, I have walked over to you and extended my hand, dance with me.

So what, you have only seen me once before? Did I not make your skin tingle with trepidation and sensation? Did I not make you sing on a carpet to a crowd indifferent? and while we were together, did you not smile with abandon and find a small part of you that lay within you hidden from common view?

Yes, stand up and dance with me as the band plays. Come, let us together learn each other’s steps and turns as we twirl in this life’s ballroom. It may be a day, maybe a year, maybe a century but then, the depth of looking into your eyes is likely to last forever.

There’s already a mark where you touched me and seared your prints through my skin. There’s already a picture lodged indelibly in the recesses of my memory, one so powerful, I don’t know if I can rid myself of it.

Ah, release yourself and come away and dance, lets see how the music plays, lets see where it ends – if it does.

Come on; come, lets dance.

Kenya is contemplating having affirmative action for 50 women to join parliament and Martha Karua has even suggested that this be constitutionalised.

This is a developing thought but I now know I am against it totally. This is why in a nutshell:

  • It is demeaning. It makes nonesense of the achievements women like Caroline Mutoko (Kiss FM), Ruth Wilcock (a Kenyan who owns a Hotel in SA), Charity Ngilu (self made politician), Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher (who by the way was against this business) and the many other women who are successful by merit. They worked hard and people will ridicule and lower their achievement to being “given”.
  • It may lower quality standards of MPs even lower. The fact is, just because a person is a woman, they are not necessarily above board or qualified to be MP. No discussion is being had about the quality of woman is nominated for the MP positions and again, Just because you are a woman doesn’t make you suitable.
  • There’s more. Tomorrow.

Prepare your claws.

After collating all the data, I am happy to let you know that the immediate past Quarterly Colour Series ebook, Green Piece, was read by 175,000 people across the world (maybe more but this is from the people that fed back.) It has been a great success and it is because of your support. The series has drawn the attention of diverse people in the world, some of whom have communicated great things about the series.

This is a call out to all poets – professional and amateur.

The time has come to publish the next book of the series, Brown Steps, the stuff that drives our lives. Brown steps is about social issues – from politics (in general), issues like corruption and all, the idiosyncrasies of life, the gap between rich and poor etc. I’m hoping that the submissions will not be the usual cynical, bitter submissions on politics and rich people but that it will also have some easier to read stuff on our lifestyles (rich or poor), our cultures, our histories, our people. I’m looking for fresh perspectives and delivery for the poetry that talks about the stuff that drives our lives.

The Quarterly Colour Series is a series of poetry ebooks that are published by Al Kags every three months. The first of the Series was Gray Spots (https://alkags.files.wordpress.com/2006/09/greyspots1.pdf), the next was Blue Smudges (https://alkags.files.wordpress.com/2006/10/blue-smudges-3.pdf),  then came  Red Streaks (https://alkags.files.wordpress.com/2007/02/red-streaks3.pdf)  and last quarter there was Green Piece (https://alkags.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/green-piece.pdf). If you haven’t read them, do read them and share them.

The poetry is distributed for free via email and the rules of engagement for all is read it, share it, republish it, recite it, do what you want with it – Just ensure you say where the poetry came from and who wrote it. The writers retain the rights to their work. The published work is selected entirely on the editor’s discretion. Do forward this call out as widely as you can.

If you are a poet or simply dabble in poetry and would like to get read by a lot of people, feel free to send your work (as many poems as you wish) in a MS word document by Monday August 13 2007 to qcspoetry@gmail.com.

Life Changing moments

Do you have a story about a situation about your life that profoundly affected you and your life? Perhaps it is a story of something that made you grow up real fast, changed the way you do things or simply changed your perspectives? Well, send it to me.Muthoni Garland, Caine Prize 2006 nominee, is going to be publishing a series of short stories that revolve around the theme of life changing moments. Your story could be one of them. If you do have one story, do send it to me at alkags@gmail.com  

It is interesting how the world goes round. One day you are down, the other you are on top of the world. One day, you find that in certain people’s eyes you are evil and in others you are an angel, without whom they would not survive. As I live and learn, I discover that people can change and that they do not acknowledge the mistake.

Today, I experienced this about turn in a couple of old friends. You’d like it to be a sensational story when it happens but usually you will find it isn’t more than a tempest in a tea cup.

Finally, my company, Multiple Choices has released the first blog application that has ever been built in East Africa. The team, headed by the Tech Director, John Wesonga (known in the bloggosphere as the subsaharancoder,) has built the blog application that is designed specifically for CEOs and experts in Africa.

Peupe, the first corporate blog in Africa can be found at http://www.peupe.net.

My official company blog is http://alkags.peupe.net

Africa Rejoice, your time is come!

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