Welcome to the blogosphere, Njeri

My lawyer, Njeri Mucheru Oyatta, recently started blogging – this month, as it happens and she has written some riveting mind boggling chapters that make you think. Its a refreshing well thought out read… Welcome Njeri.

PS. She isn’t just a great writer, she’s a pretty sharp lawyer too…


  1. I know Njeri well and think she is sharp too. I will check her blog out.

  2. miako

    i think shes’ not all that and she is a hypocrite.

  3. miako

    as a writer/author i think her book should be re-written……… No oganization is in it, just to mention afew of “some of the corrections”, that she should consider when writting again.

  4. Edgar

    this country surely has many haters; I was following up some comments on a KTN TV programme “Changing Times” -same ol’ same ol’ haters; and now Miako…God surely wasted His time creating people like you.

  5. marthawairimu

    guys help me get started,I cannot access her blog

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