Come on, lets dance… oh, lets.

My friend, anonymous new person out there. Do not be afraid of coming over and making poetry with me. Because rhyme and music and rhythm and smiles and silence and movement and stillness makes me breathe and twirl. The band has started to play, I have walked over to you and extended my hand, dance with me.

So what, you have only seen me once before? Did I not make your skin tingle with trepidation and sensation? Did I not make you sing on a carpet to a crowd indifferent? and while we were together, did you not smile with abandon and find a small part of you that lay within you hidden from common view?

Yes, stand up and dance with me as the band plays. Come, let us together learn each other’s steps and turns as we twirl in this life’s ballroom. It may be a day, maybe a year, maybe a century but then, the depth of looking into your eyes is likely to last forever.

There’s already a mark where you touched me and seared your prints through my skin. There’s already a picture lodged indelibly in the recesses of my memory, one so powerful, I don’t know if I can rid myself of it.

Ah, release yourself and come away and dance, lets see how the music plays, lets see where it ends – if it does.

Come on; come, lets dance.


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