Security: Shoot to Kill

I have recently become a proponent of the Shoot to Kill as the policy to control crime in Kenya. This was after I had an encounter with violent robbers who releaved me of my possessions – including laptop, phone and some money – all at gun point. I have had an epiphany. I shall share it soon.


  1. acolyte

    Pole sana! Where was this? I feel your pain! At least you are fine and in one piece.

  2. aegeus

    Pole. As a victim i too feel your anguish.

  3. KG

    Pole Sana Kags…its just stuff…u will recover!

  4. mk

    pole sana…speedy recovery…

  5. Rebecca

    Bambi, Ngawalabye. They put me at “torch point” at 2:00am in my bed last year. Brutal men they were, don’t know how they broke into my house but they did…i think i know what the hell that was for you. Sorry.

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