Levert, go well.

I was shocked to read today that Gerald Levert, left, passed away about 9 days ago. I wonder how I missed the news but well.

I first came into contact with Gerald Levert when I was a boy and he had just released that Song, “I’ll do anything to fall in love”. He had a great voice, that i wished I had – of course at the time, my voice would be breaking in appalling ways.

I remember LSG, the group that he, Johny Gill and Keith Sweat, crooned some amazing music.  Well, Njia ni hiyo moja.

Rest in Peace, Gerald.


  1. No rhyme No reason

    He was the best if ever there was one. I have been listening to his albums the last 10 days and they bring memories of growing up to my mind.

    I find out he was 2 years older than me..and it brings put mortality to the fore. RIP to the VOICE!!!

  2. smothyz

    am also behind thanks for fillin me up on this one..but for sure he was a gifted man..may God rest his soul in peace

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