The Marketing Society of Kenya’s warror awards have been lauched. The well attended lauch was done last night at the Haveli’s restaurant at capital Centre on Mombasa road. On hand to launch the awards was the MSK Vice Chairman, Tom Sitati and Fred Simiyu, the head of the events committee for MSK who is working on the gala as well.

MSK warrior awards are the premier awards for marketing in East Africa and they are usually presented at the MSK gala, which will be held on December 1, 2006 at a secret location. In the tradition of MSK, the gala is always held at a location that is kept secret until shortly before the actual gala when people are normally told where to be.

It is the trend setting event of the Kenyan professional social calender.


  1. Congratulations. Well…

  2. Vee

    I know the location I know the location… pay me or I will tell!!!!


    Please be aware that unscrupulous persons such as viola of viola’s iris, will try and con you into paying for the location. Keep away from such…

    uwe mwangalifu kwa wahalifu kama viola ambao watajaribu kukupunja uwalipe ili wakueleze mahali hiyo karamu ya MSK iliko. watapeli kama hawa ni wa kuangaliwa tu na kutengwa.

    Al Kags

  4. Vee

    ha! too late. i’ve already received two enquiries and at 1500 a pop! I’m good to close shop and run!
    Oh you forgot one warning in Kikuyu! lol

  5. News just in. The venue is a toss up between Sabina Joy and Burma Market for the MSK Gala.

  6. Oh, Panic: A leak…! You have been sent. You have been paid. I told you this in strict confidence… I admit I was a little drunk (ok, a lot drunk) but surely!!!

  7. Vee

    lol good one web bandit

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